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Monday 13 November 2017

Review: Black Spring

This is the final book in the tournament trilogy. If you haven't read the first two, please don't read this one as I don't want to give anything away!
Let's go.
So, after the second book which, to be honest, seemed a bit like a filler of a book, this one had a lot more going on.
We see the tournament evolve and become a bit corrupt, but we also see what those involved in the tournament are really made of. And that is awesome.
It's great to get the action, grit, exhilaration and fun of the first book back.
The new characters are a good choice it turns out, and indeed it was good to get to know some of the other ones even better. I still have several questions, largely surrounding Black and Green and their history/heritages but you can't always have everything tied up in a nice little bow.
But indeed, a very satisfying conclusion to what has in the end turned out to be a cracking set of self published novels.
Defos got something for you if you like mile and minute action, characters you can grow to like and characters you can grow to hate and a good imagination to boot.
Yep, worth a shot

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