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Monday 30 October 2017

Review: Soul Cage

Publisher: Titan Books
I'm going to get it out there early, the only thing that I couldn't hack in this book were the names. I know that makes be a bit of a dick but I found it hard to follow with the Japanese names as lots were quite similar.
But other than that, this book took me by surprise. Excellent badass female main character, cracking plot with an incorporated subplot, great that we had a bit of gangster and mafia action, and I had that OH MY GOD yes moment just at the same time as our heroine did too. So it was brills to read a crime novel/thriller that I didn't see coming early.
I think the translation is outstanding. Nothing was lost or misunderstood and you could still see the author's turn of phrase and style come through. Sometimes I find with translations an author's voice is lost as getting the plot rather than the style is focussed on.
I would like to read the book before this one and read others to get to know the characters more. As while these can be read as standalones as the plot is the main focus, the underlying character stories seem intriguing and interesting.
So, yep a surprisingly good read

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