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Friday 20 October 2017

Review: That Dark Remembered Day

Publisher: Headline

The whole way through this book I had deja vu. But I know I've never read it. I'm wondering if it's because of the Falkland link that it reminds me of another book I read.
Anyway, we are with Stephen as he visit his mum in his childhood town where a horrid event happened that changed his and the lives of many others forever. I'm not going to tell you the even that happened because that's the whole point of the story. But, we get to know Stephen and his life and the events very slowly. This is intriguing and keeps you reading and (tbh) you can guess what happens more or less. But indeed it's worth a read.
The events, war, soldiers, PTSD etc are dealt with quietly and calmly, as are the fallouts of the events that dictate the entire novel on that day in the 1980s.
There isn't however anything to make this a stand out book. As I said I thought it was another book for ages. Decent effort though

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