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Tuesday 21 November 2017

Review: The art of fear

Publisher: Tabella House
This review is likely to be short as I'm not sure I have much that's constructive to say about this book.
Yes, the topic is rather unnerving, child sex trafficking is never easy as a topic and that really does give this book a gritty edge, and it even gave me some confidence at the start that this would be a good read. Also, as it deals with mental health and suicide, it also, I thought would be a gritty book with some balls.
But alas, as time goes on and the story develops it basically becomes one big cliché-fest. Ari's whole conclusion and progression is just gull of cliche and is VERY predictable. Tristan's development is just totally painful as is in the end his character in total which is really sad to see.
Also, how things all come to their conclusion and head is just rather painful. I wish I'd known (paid more attention) that this book will be part of a series, I may then have avoided it.
I'm to be honest getting rather sick of there being very few real standalone novels left in the world. What's wrong with writing an independent book I ask???


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