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Thursday 25 June 2015

Review: Elizabeth is Missing

Publisher: Penguin

So, we get to our hotel room at The Betsy on Miami Beach and there is a little in room library. I am immediately drawn to this book and have to read it! 

The book is about Maud and her life and her friend Elizabeth who is missing it seems. The book is beautiful. You are in Maud's mind and basically experiencing an Alzheimer's stream of consciousness. It is amazing how the mind slips from remembering things of the past to forgetting everything in the present, how things link, etc. EH must have done a whack of research to present it in such a delicate yet convincing way.

Katy was a fantastic character also and I adored her. It was lovely how she interacted and dealt with Maud. It made the book as heart warming as it is heart breaking! 

The ending, I do have to say, was also very satisfying.

A very short review, I know, but I find it hard to express how this book made me feel, and how gorgeous I found it!

Read it!


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