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Friday 12 June 2015

A book that was originally written in a different language: The Woman Who Fed The Dogs

Publisher: World Editions

So, this is indeed a translated book and I give it 9.9 out of 10. I've read some shockers in the past but I've not really read any that were better than this. I don't give it a 10 as there were one or two places that were a tad questionable.

Anyway, this is based on the story of a real woman who is in prison for being the accomplice of a murderer and rapist. In the book you never know if you feel sorry for Odette or not as you only see her point of view. In some ways I can't help but think that yes, she is one to feel sorry for, but in others you just can't comprehend how she let herself be taken in to it all! I was completely torn throughout. Also, her obsession with the mum murderer is rather upsetting. It makes O seem more capable of what she's done, more guilty, less manipulated.

M is obviously a hideous character. He is horrible, and I am glad the man he is based upon is in prison. But even though he is a monster, was O 100% manipulated?

I have another question for the book, was O's mum the reason she needed relationships with people who controlled and manipulated her. O's mum seems to be a monster in her own way.

I have BIG RESPECT for Gilles. MASSIVE respect. I do wonder if O's real son is actually like that and if so, you are very brave and I really do think you are worth a great deal.

The book is not one for people who can't take violence, sexual violence and graphic descriptions of such things. However, it is a very good read. I was gripped, horrified, enthralled, confused and completely wrenched from the inside. It really is hell of a book. It has also made me want to learn more about the real case, especially as the full story isn't there. It's tantalising.

Give it a go!


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