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Tuesday 9 June 2015

A trilogy - The Pendulum Trilogy

Publisher: Jo Fletcher Books

Hey all!

I'm back from holiday but I'm off on a work trip next week so I'm afraid things are still going to be a bit quiet. Also, for all you twitter bods, I'm pretty quiet on there too, and I'm sorry...some shizz is going on but I will pop in when I can!

Anyway, on with the review.

The Pendulum Trilogy.

When I got the books I had high hopes as they looked and sounded exactly like my kind of thing.

I've been reading them for AGES so please excuse the bullet pointed review. The first one was read last year!

The Pilgrims
- The sex scene made it take a VERY unexpected and dark turn. Up until that point I had thought it could be a YA and I had a bit of love for Eric.
- Other more fleeting bits of sex before this didn't seem all that real and were tame.
- Not 100% clear of the plot for a long while but I really wanted to know none the less.
- Was really struggling with this book to know if it was DARK AND TWISTY or light and fun!
- I enjoyed part 1 when I picked it up, but wasn't keen to read it when it was just hanging around closed.

- The chapter style changed and this annoyed me.
- I still didn't get on with the writing style all that much.
- There was still no real plot!
- I was struggling even more to give two shits and even pick the damn thing up.
- I really didn't have any affinity to any character and the plot was well...plotless!
- This is a note "it has come to the point where my will to live diminishes with every page turn."

World's End
I finished World's End in the first few days of my holiday. I was reading it for ages before then, as I'm sad to say, I still didn't really get on with this trilogy. I will give it credit that the pace picked up from the slow plod of books 1 and 2 and there was more happening in a short space of time. However the plot seemed thin, dry and still pretty nonexistent.

I'm really sorry but I really didn't enjoy this trilogy. I made myself read it all for the 2015 challenge, but otherwise, I think I would have given up. Sorry everyone!



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