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Friday 14 February 2014

Review: Cry of the Children

Price: £ 18.99 (hardback)
Publisher: Severn House

Lucy went missing when out with her mum's 'friend' now there are some coppers on the job to look for her.

This book doesn't focus as much on Lambert and Hook as I expected and as the underhead implies as it reads 'A Lambert & Hook mystery.' This was rather surprising, in a good way, as I do sometimes get a tad annoyed when too much time is devoted to the detectives and we miss, what I feel, is the opportunity to get to know the case better. Anyway, this was more case focused and I was delighted.

I'd like to draw particular attention to the characters and how they were developed, especially the suspects in the abduction. All were discussed and described in such detail that they were almost like character studies. In the case of Big Julie, her life was so expertly described and analysed that on occasion I was made to feel really upset, depressed and grief stricken for her and her lack of life, purpose and happiness. Also when it came to Dennis, his character was brilliantly disturbing! So, in conclusion, on the characters, bravo JMG!!!!

When it came to the story, I was rather gripped as there were 5 suspects and no clear perpetrator for the whole thing. What did annoy me was the ending. It seemed rushed, the conclusion was drawn without any real build up and it wasn't totally clear how the detectives came to the conclusion that it was the perp over the other 4. It kind of let down what was a pretty good read and a very well written crime novel.

I would recommend this book, just for the great character constructions alone. However, I would warn that the ending will let you down.

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