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Tuesday 4 February 2014

Review: The Lantern Menace

Publisher: Self
Price: £ 2.05 ebook

I'm a Darren Craske fan girl it seems. I've read a fair few CQ books, all Guard and Rat books and Mythbound. Now, I've flung myself back to the first ever self published book by Mr C and it was a corker as usual.

Finch has a mate who is a Princess, and a bit of a nob. They get in trouble with Rufus and have to go on an epic quest around the Wold. I bloody love a good quest.

I am totally in love with Rufus and I'm in love with Finch's dad, even though he is only in it briefly. Also Mrs M is a total babe all round! (Finch is too young for me). The Princess is a bit of a pain in the arse, but her character does have purpose and provides much entertainment.

This is indeed a book for the younger reader but as always with DC's books, there is something for everyone. There are some adult jokes in there too and the odd bits of wit that would totally go over a kid's head. However, you only need the action and the plot twists and turns and the all round swash buckling joy of it to get along fabulously regardless of age!

I love how this book isn't really in a fixed time. There are carts and magic and druids and torches but people discuss cloning and downloads. It's a proper fantasy world that you can't associate and taint with the thoughts of a more real time and place.

Another excellent read from a man who is now defo one of my favourite authors! Read this, read them all and get involved in the magic!

Happy Reading

Book Geek

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