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Thursday 20 February 2014

Holmes Challenge: A Study in Scarlet

So, I've decided to set myself a challenge, and that is to read alllllllll the Sherlock Holmes stories in order. I've read some here and there and I've read some of the 'new' ones written by other authors. It was my maternal grand father's favourite thing to read and I have a big complete collection at home that was his. It even has chocolatey finger prints in it as he used to sit with a bar and read one when he wanted to relax. It's pretty sentimental to me too as I was only 3 months old when he died and it's just lovely to know he enjoyed a good read as I don't know much else about him. Other than what Mummy Geek has hold me.

Anyway...I've read A Study in Scarlet and this is what I thought.

I was not expecting it to be in three contrasting parts. Two, your typical Holmes and Watson, one in North America in a Mormon colony in Salt Lake City. The turn of phrases and language was even American in the second part and that was pretty cool for something that was written in the 1880s.

This wasn't a short story but it wasn't a full book so I'm dubbing it a novella and that was also pretty cool as it gave you a lot of time to learn about how Holmes and Watson met. I didn't really know about their first encounters and meeting so it was darn spiffing to learn allllll about it and see how Watson first perceived Holmes. Their personalities were also there from the offing and that was darn good too.

Unexpectedly, the hows and whys of Sherlock's discovery and workings were delayed until after part 2 which was the US back story. That was in the first part really infuriating as I wasn't sure at all why this part was linked at all. However, as it got going you could tell instantly that it was integral and gave a bit more umph to the story as a whole. When Sherlock's conclusions did come they were awesome as always.

I'm pretty pleased with myself that I've read this (I know I'm modest) and I'm really looking forward to reading more and getting to know the chaps even better.

Join me?

Book Geek


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