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Tuesday 20 June 2017

Review: Sinner Man

Publisher: Hard Case Crime

Previously I've only read the Michael Crichton/John Lange books from these chaps before so it was great to get this one and see what other bits and bobs they had. Obviously, the novels/authors/styles have similarities but it was gooooood to get nonetheless.
From the first page I was absorbed and it was good to get a book that wasn't so slap stick or housing a lead man who went to the James Bond school of wooing women :-p. You were thrust into the action from the word go and even though the novel is set in the (I want to say) 1950s it was very easy to forget that it was alien to today in its lack of technology and ease at which Nat slipped in to a new world.
I can see this book as a Layer Cake style film. I can also see it being made in like a film noir style but with a modern tech and character twist. I think you can see I clearly was captured by this novel.
So, this is short (like the book), but I hope it encourages you to read. The grit, the fear, the worry, the old school gangster fun, totally worth a pop!


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