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Wednesday 28 June 2017

Review: The Lucky Ones

Publisher: Thomas and Mercer
I have the feeling I've read something by Mark Edwards before, and I'm being lazy and not searching for it...I am sorry. But let's crack on with this one.
I enjoyed the different voices and povs. I even enjoyed the switching up from first to third person etc. It gave the book plenty of variety and kept it moving. Was also good to see things from other people's perspectives.
This is definitely a page turner of a book and I was gripped, but it's not horribly hard core in its crime and violence which I think people who like this type of book but can't cope with violence will be pleased about. There is one hardcore section but it's ok....it's more the description of someone's reaction that's horrifying compared with what happens.
I have to ask, why do novelists keep making their police women sound like they look like me!!!???! Imogen seems to look like me and it's rather terrifying when this happens. It also means i get very attached to these characters which is sometimes not a good thing ;-)
I was delighted in general with this novel, and none  more so because I couldn't guess the who dunnit. I have a knack of getting them but not this time and I thank you for that Mr Edwards.
Definitely a good read, defos one to pick up!
Happy Reading

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