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Thursday 4 August 2016

Review: Marked

Publisher: Jo Fletcher
I'm going to be open and honest from the start, I have very mixed feelings about this book.
But I will start with this....
The book arrived on my doorstep a very long time ago (sorry about that) in a glorious parcel with my own Drakon, keyring, note and pic! YAY. It was lovely.
Now, the book to start with was an easy to read, funny and rather cool fairy tale styleeee novel. But, the more I read the more I was getting to feel that it was a bit like the Discovery of Witches series of books which really did piss me off in the end as the female characters are odd for the world, slightly poor on friends and need looking after by MEN. These men will make the woman seem useless and airy fairy, weak and stupid....this got to annoy me a bit.
BUT, there were some improvements on the above as Lucky did grow a pear and do a few independent things, but did need men to save her in the end.
I did like the characters other than Lucky and her feeble side. The humour amongst them, the cheekiness and the stark, fairy tale contrasts between good and bad were really enjoyable.
Overall this book had the feel of a kids book with some bad ass twists that defos are not for kids. I'm kind intrigued to read more of this Soulseer series, but then again, if Lucky stays as she is I may get cross.
But, you decide.


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