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Tuesday 23 August 2016

Review: Tenacity

Publisher: Headline
I will be totally honest but I judged this book by its cover and didn't read it for ages. But I have A Brief History of Seven Killings as one of my books on the go at the moment so needed some crime fiction to soften the brain stretching that Brief History requires.
I want to know first off why the case mentioned in the first chapter wasn't a book it sounds AMAZING and pleas write a prequel I would be allll over that like a rash. The reason I would be all over that? It sounds like a far better plot.
I have to say that this book bored me a bit, I found some parts interesting, but they all related to Dan and her past and what she'd been through. I really didn't get down with all the HMS Tenacity stuff, it was all a bit too far fetched and unrealistic and was very thin in its credibility and what have you.
Dan as a character is great and her relationships with the others was awesome too, so please do give us the back story in a new book!!!
The violence across the novel was very graphic and quite scary in places, especially when against women. But I couldn't like Dan. Yes, I found her character intriguing and interesting but I couldn't help but feel that she is an idiot of putting herself in the situations that occur and she needs to get a grip.
I just don't know what to make of this book, but there certainly is potential for there to be a cracker written around it!

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