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Friday 7 October 2016

Review: Go Set A Watchman

So, Mummy Geek read this book and gave me hear copy with a review along the lines of 'it's rubbish'. But, as I read, as many have, To Kill A Mockingbird for my GCSE English and loved it, I had to have a go.
I read this on holiday, yes another one, and originally put it in the 'medium read' category of my holiday selection. Man was I wrong, it should have gone in the easy as I read it in a matter of hours.
Yes, it was nice to be back with Scout, 20 years after TKAM, and it was nice to see how everyone was getting on, how life had developed and what types of people the characters had turned in to, as let's face it, 20 years can change a thing or two. For the record, Scout pretty much is the person I thought she would be, and yes I am aware she is fictional.
But what I didn't like about the book is how unsubtle it is compared to TKAM. The nuances of the first book and the gentle tentative writing was gone that cropped up. I missed them. And no more so than towards the end, say the last quarter, where it all started to feel like a very self indulgent book. It seemed to me as if HL wanted the reader to know what a modern and civil person she was in the 50s yet how understanding she was of others and their lives and perception of the world.
Overall, not a patch on TKAM and a bit of a let down, despite having heard from more than Mother Geek that it was a bit shit. I am glad I read it though.

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