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Monday 17 October 2016

Review: I Am Pilgrim

Publisher: Bantam
Last of my holiday reads then (I know I've been back three weeks but shush).
So, people have raved at me about this book for yonks and I bought it with the birthday voucher I got as I saw my opportunity to BUY MORE BOOKS! And man am I glad I bought this book.
So, we are with an secret-agent, we are at a crime scene and from there we are about to find out all about him, his life, how he has become who he is and how the world is going to shit.
I am not going to use the character's name as I don't want to spoil anything, so the main man is awesome. He is like Jason Bourne but with intelligence, sass, character, depth, layers and I imagine he's far better looking.
The writing style evolves with the novel. It starts off being very politically led and very in depth, you need to concentrate to a degree to follow it. However, as it moves on the action kicks in a bit more and a sense of urgency develops. It turns in to an action led thriller from a politically led thriller and it's awesome!
But even though the change happens, nothing detracts from how brilliant and gripping and entertaining and absorbing this book is.
There are a few things I have to point out in particular:
- The hotel manager and his mental but amazing English is possibly my favourite thing in the book. It's so endearing and so so funny at the same time. I hope you love him too.
- I cried/filled up with tears in public places four, YES FOUR, times reading this book. I hope that shows you how fantastically written it is.
- I exclaimed in horror once. So much so that Boy Geek came running in to the room to make sure I was ok as he thought something horrible had happened to me.
So, there you have it. Reasons to read this book, without telling you pretty much anything about the book as I don't want to spoil a single page for anyone!.
P.S. At a hen do a few weeks ago this really dickheadish girl said 'oh I am Pilgrim, I read that a few weeks ago and it's the worst book, it's so unbelievable.' She can sod off...she obviously doesn't get books!

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