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Monday 3 October 2016

Review: Dial up for Murder

Publisher: Self I believe
A couple of years ago I read The Twain Maxim and thought it was a decent holiday read. Following reviewing that I was asked to read this....due to some things it's taken me a little while but here is the review.
I read this on holiday, I took it as my selection of books as one of the 'easy reads' and it certainly fit the bill. The book is all about Peter and how he gets embroiled in the world of computer hacking in the 1980s...yes the 1980s.
The novel feels rather spoof like and tongue in cheek for the most part which was good after reading A Brief History of Seven Killings and finishing that just before I picked this up. This book is light, amusing and indeed an easy entertaining read.
The tech stuff is as I imagine it would have been in the 80s. I was born in 1986 so have no idea if it's realistic however. But, due to this, the grasp upon the technology was more hard to gather than when I see tech stuff in modern day computery based books and TV shows. That was amusing to be honest.
The sex scenes were totally cringe worthy, but I am hoping this is because the book is a bit spoofy in its style.
The real downfall for this book was the proof reading. I know this book is self published (I think it is anyway) and I know I am one for typos and errors, but there were a lot in this novel and in some ways that detracted from my enjoyment...probs something to do with my day job.
Overall, a decent read, once more suited to a holiday, but not sure I'm keen to read the rest of 'The Hacker Chronicles.'

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