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Tuesday 7 June 2016

Review: The Suicide Exhibition

Publisher: Del Rey
I lost the dust jacket to this book in the great leak of 2013 (yes I've had this book ages) and so I took this opportunity to plunge into a book without knowing a thing about it...not really sure when I did that the last time, and MAN was it fun.
The whole book is set in WW2 and feels very 'What-oh' and Queen's English. All the main characters seem very wholesome (too an extent) and I loved their turn of phrase, it seemed most authentic. Then all of a sudden you move from a very traditional and classic feeling read to the sci-fi and it's fun.
Fun however, is what this book mainly is, it lacks depth and when I got halfway through I felt like I had read a lot, but I felt like nothing had actually happened, which was annoying. Also, I hate to say it but the ending was a bit rushed. It felt like it was written just as a set up for book two rather than anything else.
All, in all, a fun read, takes you a bit by surprise and some of the characters are rather good. But the book lacked a certain something.
I'd be keen to see what others thought

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