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Monday 4 July 2016

Review: The Arrival of Missives

Publisher: Unsung Stories
Not had anything from these guys for a little while, but when I do get something it's great as I have been a fan in the past.
I'm going to warn you now. This review is going to be short as it's a short book and I know that if I waffle on too long I'm going to give too much away. I really don't want to give anything away as there is a real treat in between the covers.
So, to start, I love the humour. The young and innocent voice is perfect and I don't think Shirley really realises she's being funny. Obviously AW knows she is, but you completely forget that. The whimsical tone is perfect and really does make you believe this is a novel from the post WW1 days.
This could be, upon first reading, the traditional story of a love triangle and misguided youthful love, but that all changes and it's perfectly awesome when the change occurs. It makes things VERY interesting and in some ways answers some questions.
A fab mash up of styles and genres with a touch of literary misogyny and feminism nods thrown in.
Happy Ready
BG :-)

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