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Tuesday 17 May 2016

Review: Crazy Rich Asians

Publisher: Atlantic
I have had this book for years, years and years and I have put off reading it as well, I judged a book by its cover...sorry people!
Anyway, this book is addictive, it's trashy and easy to read but the tongue in cheek humour is fab and really was something I enjoyed.
All you do is follow around rich Singaporean families as a normal girl is introduced to them for the first time. It's like a soap opera on steroids! You have twiddley moustache villains, gloriously loved beautiful heroine style people and dashingly handsome heroes. Most were however complete cartoons, and that was super.
This book really is opulence and fun at its fullest. This is a really self indulgent book but it's great.
The very very ending did piss me off a treat, but the twists and rest of the read were actually worth it.
Take this on hols with you this summer.
Happy Reading

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