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Tuesday 3 March 2015

Review: The Last Days of Disco

Publisher: Orenda Books

All I should have to say about this book is Annette Curtain and you should allll want to read it...however, that may not work so I'll write more!

We are in Scotland, it's 1982, there's overseas war, domestic gang rivalry and a family with a few issues!

The two disco lads are like a Scottish Del Boy and Rodney with all their schemes but one is going to work for them! They were pretty cool, however the book wasn't all about the disco as I expected so I think the title, cover and premise is a tad misleading. 

The book has a bit of the Irvine Welsh about him due to the Scottish dialect, but also because of the funny parts which were actually VERY dark in places. And I am an IW and dark comedy fan! 

The tight nit community reminded me a bit of the Casual Vacancy as everyone knew everything about everyone, however it was far better than that poor excuse for a book!

The portions of Gary at war were really starkly contrasted to the parts in bonny Scotland and that made them really rather awesome and amazing and in many ways really, really touching! 

I really did enjoy this book more than I expected and I hope that many people give it a read as this is a stonking little indie publisher who will go far!

Happy Reading


P.S. This book didn't really fit a category in my reading challenge!

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