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Tuesday 31 March 2015

A book that scares you: No Other Darkness

Publisher: Headline

We are back with Rome after the scary Someone Else's Skin. It was cracking to be back with her! However I was still super creeped out by how much she is actually like me! That was mega upsetting once again. I wish I could have remembered more of the last book, that annoyed me a tad, but I will live.

Noah was awesome once again and it was lovely to get to know him and his family a bit more. I was also pleased that Ron was less of a twat this time round! YAY!

The story was truly terrifying! It is scary that there really are people out there who are ill but are not getting the help they need. It worries me no end. I am a big advocate for mental illness support and this book shows why more help is needed. I know it's fiction, but what happened in the novel is not beyond the realms of possibility. What was also scary about the book was how nurture can really change people, even total 100% grownups. Somethings just make something go snap. It is a real worry!

There are many a twist in this book. Some you may find blindingly obvious and others you won't. Regardless of if you see them coming or not, they really do add to the unnerving and unsettling feelings this book gives you. A cracking read for those who are fans of thrillers or mysteries. But do make sure you read the first Rome book, you need the depth to really get to grips with the police characters!

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