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Friday 13 March 2015

A book based on or turned into a TV show: Frozen Heat

Publisher: Titan Books

So, you probs all have heard of Richard Castle and his TV series. It's a pretty naff series but hey, sometimes you need that! I've read one before and that was based on Derrick Storm and called, Storm Front. This one is based on Nikki Heat!

Basically it's your usual high action, high cheese thriller/crime novel. It takes frequent twists and turns but there isn't really anything mind blowing. Also the end is all rather ridiculous and far fetched...but then again...the whole bloody thing was TBH!!!  

I will be honest, this was an easy read but I don't think I would go out of my way to read it. I'm sure fans of Castle will love it but it I have read better books. It's really commercial, of course ends on a cliff hanger and I'm wondering if it is sponsored by Apple!!!

I know this is a short review, but I honestly don't have all that much to say about it!



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