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Tuesday 10 March 2015

A book from an author I love but haven't read yet: Lexi Drake, Tempus Fugitive

Avid readers of my blog will have noticed that I am a BIG Darren Craske fan! I love his books, I really feel like I get them and that they are for me! So, of course I was over the moon to get my mits on Lexi!

First off...A GIRL MAIN PROTAGONIST! BOOOOO YA!!! It's about time! YAY! She was alright as a character goes. She was a bit annoying at times and a bit OTT which made me think that maybe DC was trying a bit too hard to be a dude voicing a teenage girl, but it was a super good effort! Monty was an awesome character and I loved his sarcasm and Trunk was a total babe!! Excellent set of goodies who were VERY good! And the baddies were just as awesome and fell in the badie category 100000%.

The violence toward the end of the whole novel did shock me rather as it was the most graphic I believe it has been in any DC book I have read be they YA or A. So maybe for the older YA reader than the younger end of the spectrum this time! And of course, where would we be without a cliff hanger!


Spiffing read once again from one of my top authors! Do give it a shot and all his other stuff too! You won't be disappointed!

Happy Reading


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