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Thursday 20 March 2014

Review: Glaze

Price: Not yet released
Publisher: Self published but in a fancy way

Petri is 15 and she wants nothing more than to get on the Glaze network. But, as things go a little bit wrong, she discovers that there maybe could be nothing worse.

Bloody hell I love KC!!! I love her, I love Petri and I bloody love Ethan!!! Also Logan! What amazing characters all round in this stonking novel. Petri is a total babe and I love her. I think I love her because she has an odd name, and is a ginge like me, as well as the fact that she takes no shit, but is also sensitive and admits when she needs help. Ethan is awesome, he wants to do right in the world and help, but still has a bit of an edge about him. Max, well what can I say about him, an awesome character...but I will say no more as I want to give nothing away!

The story is obviously set in the future, but the concept, technology and time make it a future that can easily be imagined. Especially when you have google glasses etc these days. That makes the whole thing rather scary also. Scary as this really could possibly happen. That can be more terrifying than the supernatural, not can be actually, is!

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It had me gripped, it got me thinking about technology and the future, it got me thinking about control, will and power. But, it also had me whisked away to an amazing place of intrigue, plot, mystery and control that I am now finding pretty hard to let go of!

If you are a YA fan, KC fan or just a book fan, pick this up as soon as it is out!

Happy Reading

Book Geek

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