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Wednesday 13 January 2016

Review: Playthings

Publisher: Galley Beggar
Hey All, I'm trying to fit in writing reviews amongst what's a busy work and life time, so do forgive me for the sporadic-ness...also please forgive me for the reviews and maybe their lack of umph..I'm writing lots from notes!
On with the book.
I was delighted with the fact that this book is based on real things. I like a book like that as much as I enjoy a wild crazy fantasy novel...yes I'm rather fickle.
The novel wasn't as surreal as some other GB books I've read and that was rather nice too. It is always great to see publishing houses producing a wide variety of genres, it's refreshing and shows that they have an eye for a great read in general, not just under a certain formula.
As much as I enjoyed the novel it was really sad to see the mental disintegration of one man and the mental health treatment received. It really touched a nerve with me and in some instances broke my heart a little bit.
What I was most surprised about was how easily this book reads. I didn't really notice turning pages. I just kep turning and turning with no realisation that I was.
So, overall, I really enjoyed this book. It did make me feel sad but it as a beautiful sadness.
Happy Reading

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