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Friday 21 April 2017

Review: Wedding Toasts I'll Never Give

Publisher: WW Norton & Company
I met a friend of a friend a few weeks ago. We got chatting, she worked in books, I'm a secret book blogger and am getting married in November. They have a book coming out 'Wedding Toast's I'll Never Give'. Match Made.
So, the book arrives and I get reading. I start it on the train to work one morning. I am thinking that this will be deep, enlightening, but witty and heart warming at the same time. Hmmmm - I get 2.5 essays in on the train and feel like crap about getting married. I text the boy saying 'I've read 2.5 essays in the wedding toasts book and so far I am deeply depressed.' Reply - 'Oh God! Stop Reading!'
So, yes, in the beginning man did I find this book deeply depressing and it made me feel rather put off the whole getting married side of life. And I'm not exactly that keen to begin with.
But, as the book went on and the essays developed along with the illustrations and commentaries on the different aspects and stages of marriage I felt a bit better about it. I got more heartened but still didn't get out of this book the things I thought I would get.
This book, yes points out to the reader that marriage is something that needs to be worked at, it's something that needs to be ploughed through at points. And it almost let's you feel like it's all worth it....almost.
I'm overall sorry to say I am not taken with this book. It's pretty bleak in places and in others I found it rather self-indulgent. I think to an extent AC is using it to justify her way of being married and the things she has done whilst being married. I think she's using it as an excuse and a way to prove she's ok really. Hmmm - I could be wrong, or tbh it could be that I'm not in the right frame of mind for a book like this as I'm getting married later this year and really didn't need the downer side laid out so bare.......hmmmmm
Strange thing...
Oh...there is a P.S. Oliver's mentions, parts and tales - super - the main reason I read this collection to the end. 

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