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Tuesday 22 May 2018

Review: The Almond Tree

Publisher: Garnet Publishing
Wow, just wow.
This is truly an incredible book. I was drawn to it as I don't really know as much about Palestine as I think I should. I don't quite know the whys and wherefores so this I thought would be more of an exploration. And indeed it is that, but it's also emotional, personal and beautiful.
Yes, the book focuses on one family and one man in particular but as you explore Ahmed's life and the lives of those around him you realise that this book represents the struggle of not just one man but of an entire people and MCC, author, has compassion and hope.
The entire book is beautifully crafted and truly heartfelt and it has moments where it brings not only tears of sadness to the eye but those of joy as well.
I would thoroughly recommend this book to anyone who wants to either understand more about Palestine and also those who want to read a beautiful book, regardless of what it is about.

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