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Monday 13 August 2018

Review: The Book of Hidden Things

Publisher: Titan Books
This book took me by surprise. I was expecting fantasy and magic and wizards, but instead you get gangsters, crime and a touch of comment on mental health, with indeed a little hint that maybe, somewhere there is some magic but you can't be too sure.
I love the fact that we are on a journey to find out what the hell has happened to Art, whilst we look at and analyse relationships between three old friends, their relationships with their loved ones and all from different points of view. The POV switches are fantastic and allows you to see character flaws, plot subtleties, and relationships in many different ways.
There is also the big question always of what the hell is real and what the hell isn't? Are we looking at real sneak peaks of fantasy in the real world or are we dealing with God or are we dealing basically with someone's terrible break down and mental health?
Overall a book I thoroughly enjoyed, a book that totally took me by surprise and a book I was very sad to finish.

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