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Monday 27 August 2012

Review: Destined to Play

Publisher: Harper
Price: £ 5.99

In the beginning I was pretty pleased to have been sent this because I haven't read 50 Shades and thought I would like to see what all this mummy porn was about! Anyway, this pleasedness didn't last long. What a load of trash.

I will say the one positive thing first. When the story flashed between present day and uni days, the change in tone was pretty acceptable. I did enjoy the total contrast in AB's language, the age/maturity was shown well.

As characters, AB and JQ were both detestable in their own special ways. The story is written from AB's point of view and she is a feeble and totally obsessive useless wench! She is totally obsessed with JQ and that is particularly annoying because JQ is a slimy, manipulative and bastard faced knob!!! So, yes, both crap and rubbish in their own special ways!!! JQ's language is patronising, calling AB sweetheart and GG (gorgeous girl). How can AB accept this treatment!?! She is WEAK!! I am not convinced it is love, if it were love there would be equality.

There was a pitiful attempt at a plot with the inclusion of JQ's medical research in to curing depression. I mean what the hell! There is no need for such a poorly derived plot. If you want to write erotica, then whey don't you bloody just write it! There is no need to hide it under a poorly constructed plot line. It was also poorly written! The erotica was pretty poor too and was about as erotic as Eastenders. For real kink and interest then read something like Blue Murder at the Pink Parrot. I am sorry, but Destined to Play is not a book to go on to read lists.

The ending was totally ridiculous too btw. I think that people would not read the second one to find out what happens after the cliff hanger. Why would you read the second one when the first one is this bad?!?

I haven't read 50 Shades and to be honest I doubt I ever will. Whilst at Cornwall with my buds this weekend we discussed erotic literature a fair bit, we had a few readings of select passages from 50 Shades and Destined to Play and we all thought both sounded equally pants. Those in the group who have read 50 Shades said how poorly written it is and how it is inconceivable how it was published in the first place...I think money spinner! Anyway, I am mortified that The Boy has brought 50 Shades back from Cornwall to read and 'see what all the fuss is about'. I left Destined to Play there for The Beef to read.

Happy reading (of something else)

Book Geek


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