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Thursday 29 November 2012

Review: War School

Publisher: Matador
Price: £ 11.99

This is exactly how I would imagine a teenage boys mind to be! But, maybe I imagined more sex! This is the story of Jake and his mad ass adventures in and around Warworld. I didn't really know what to expect from this book at all. Mr Ramsden had said to me on Twitter that it is like Narnia on drugs and I think that that is indeed a fair description! 

This does indeed feel like you are trapped inside a teenage boy's mind. The only criticism I would have is that the language is very eloquent and mature and the observations far too intelligent for any real teenage boy who isn't some kind of literary prodigy...but I can let that slide as I think I am just being picky!

There is a feeling of escapism about the whole thing and the book defo seems to me to be a tale of morals and lessons learned. The observations of mundane and normal life are very impressive in their insightfulness and their sarcastic and quickly done off the cuff amusements. 

The Under Her Spell sections are very dark and very creepy as well as intimidating and set an entirely different tone compared to the rest of the novel. They also seem far more off the wall than the rest of the book which I believe is saying something!! Hee hee!

This was, for me anyway, more of a YA novel than an adult novel but I would like to read more of Mr Ramsden's stuff to see what else his mad imagination can create for our enjoyment. This won't be for everyone, especially not the girly girls but it is a different, interesting and fun read!

Happy Reading

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P.S. I KNEW all the best stuff was in hell!!!

P.P.S. Mr Ramsden has informed me that this is indeed a YA novel! (updated 2 hours after posting)

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