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Monday 3 December 2012

Review: Once in Golder's Green (sampler)

Publisher: Duckworth
Price: £12.99 (hardback)

This was a Sampler of the stories from OIGG so I only have three to comment on, but I will comment none the less! BOOM!

The fact that I was reading this book brought up a discussion in the man office about anti semitism and if it is a prevalent today as it once was. Also we discussed other racism etc and it was rather enlightening and interesting indeed! Anyway...on I go.

I haven't read a short story collection by one person before so I was most intrigued.....

Once, in Golder's Green...
I didn't realise it was going to be autobiographical...I am hoping that the author was pulling from real experience and not just using his name for fun. The story was a bit of a journey of self discovery and set up the whole selection with a bang! The Rabbi was Very stereotypical and I thoroughly enjoyed him also, there was an AMAZING bit...I will say no more though.

The suitcase by the door
I didn't really feel comfortable with this story as it didn't really seem like the author's style. If it is to say that story one is indeed true. However, it did draw a great sadness from me for Aaron and I also pitied him!

The miraculous Rabbi Feldman
The tone/style of this story felt far more comfortable I was so so sad for the Rabbi in the beginning but delighted by the very end! WHOOOOOP! The question of what do you do when your very being is being scrutinised? However, the comedy element saves you from the gloom!

Happy reading

Book Geek

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