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Monday 10 December 2012

Review: Dark Chocolate: A Tale of Christmas Fear

Bums! I can't get this the right way round! SORRY PEOPLE!
Anyway, the lovely @brainconfetti sent me this lovely pic:

And with it came the above comic book and a cute little business card!

I am sure you will all agree that she is one talented lady! However, I wanted to give the comic book a quick review/mention as it is a totally unique delight and a cracking group effort!

It was put together by @brainconfetti and three other tweeters, entirely via twitter who have never met before. And let me tell you it is a funny and cute little tail with some absolutely AMAZING illustrations! It's festive also which actually makes my life happier as I love Christmas! 

Each illustrator has a totally unique style and that is totally clear in the book, however it detracts nothing as it makes the collaboration even more amazing!!

If you do get to read this then enjoy and laugh and get a warm fuzzy feeling!

I did!


Happy Reading

Book Geek 

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