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Sunday 16 December 2012

Review: Two Short Things

Publisher: Vintage
Price: £ 1. 99

I was sent this by the lovely Vintage people! I have no real idea who Julian Barnes is...I'm sorry! I know the name and I recognise his face but I have no real idea of why he is so regarded. However, I thoroughly enjoyed this essay. I love his love of books! The whole piece is funny and entertaining and written in a wonderfully engaging friendly and conversational tone. YAY! This piece made me feel totally totally happy that people in the world love books for all the AMAZING reasons there ever were and are and will be! YAY I feel delightfully happy after having read this! Also, this quote rules 'To own a certain book - and to choose it without help - was to define yourself'.

Publisher: Mantle
Price: Free ebook

Downloaded this free after a Tweet recommendation and I enjoyed it a lot. It was good. It was gritty, and not Christmassy at all..even though it is a Christmas-ish story, however I enjoyed it LOADS! I don't know much about Inuits but I think I want to learn more about them now. They seem pretty interesting indeed and their culture is intriguing! It was very sweet and a tad upsetting too! Lots of love in it!

Happy Reading

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