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Thursday 25 April 2013

Review: Dungeon Brain

Publisher: Nightscape Press
Price: £ 8.71

This novel started off in such a promising way, it was totally bloody mental! A collection of mini character studies as a bizarre collection of people came to surface in the body and mind of one woman who has a crazy skill. There appeared to be so much more to the story than the blurb gave away. The exciting thrill in the development of the story and of June and Maggie's characters was incredible. Maggie was so grotesque and damn right evil. Fantastic!

However, the joy and elation and involvement in this completely mental and DIFFERENT story soon faded....The plot would have been far more enjoyable if it had stayed in the same location as the first section and continued to follow a similar theme. The romance that develops and the general plot development made the book become very run of the mill, normal and in places cliche which was a huge let down and disappointment. Basically it felt like the author copped out on what could have been an incredible one of a kind book. 

Overall, this book was a total let down and not a winner in my eyes. There was so much potential, but that potential was dashed away!

Meh, maybe don't bother reading

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