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Friday 26 April 2013

Review: Republic: The Clone Rebellion 1

Publisher: Titan Books
Price: £ 7.99

I like sci fi, I like having to use my imagination to conjure up images and characters and scenes so I was delighted to receive this book. I am now going to proceed and give a somewhat mixed review and I hope you don't mind. All events are seen through the eyes of Harris, a Marine for the U.A about 500 years in to our future. He's pretty cool, he's an all action and trousers kind of guy who gets the job done. The plot revolves around containing rebellion and containing anarchists. That's the real basic gist.

I will start off with this statement, I LOVE RAY FREEMAN!!! He is a total dude and I bet he is bloody hot to boot! What an absolute hero and amazingly wonderful addition to the book! BOOM!! Secondly I will say that the politics, racial stereotyping and prejudice provided a bit more depth to the story. It was hugely interesting to see how SK believes politics will develop and how the world will react to events. Thoroughly enjoyed that aspect of the book as it was totally unexpected, and very well constructed. I also loved Mynx the cat....she has to go out with Catsby.

My main bug bear about the book is how disjointed and haphazard the plot seemed in many places. There wasn't total fluidity all the time and I did on occasion struggle to believe how one event would follow in to another. This annoyed me, as so many other aspects of the story were wonderfully developed and thought through (such as character development). The ending of the entire story did redeem this for me slightly though as it was cracking and totally unexpected even though there are allusions to it throughout. BRING ON BOOK 2!

Also, the female characters were pretty wet but the woman in congress was a bit of an old babe so that was a relief! 

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