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Wednesday 7 August 2013

Review: Bitter Sweet

Publisher: SELF
Price: Free on Smashwords 

I read Gatecrasher by Mr RY many moons ago, it was in fact one of the first ebooks I ever read. I even read it on my iPhone! Crazy fool I hear you all say.

Well, RY has now presented the world with a short story all about Tom and his abysmal relationship track record. The story is like a male Bridget Jones. It's refreshing and entertaining to see the male of the species get all confused and tongue tied and angsty and full of anguish over women and relationships. You see enough of the female side, it's nice to get the male perspective, and have a laugh at them. It feels like we are being let in on an big man secret, that they are actually just like girls and there isn't a real difference.

The whole piece is written through the voice of Tom and that makes the story very real and honest and personable. It is written as if he is talking directly to you which keeps the whole thing very engaging. I think it's also the normality of the whole piece that makes it a page turner. There is nothing mental or far fetched about it. It's just like life....but exposed and bleak and amusing and out there for all to see.

I do like a good short story and I like this one. Something very different to his last foray in to writing but an enjoyable quick read none the less! Huzzah!

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