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Thursday 15 August 2013

Review: Sunshine with a chance of snow

Publisher: Sphere
Price: 99p (ebook)

This is a 20 minute read from a lady who writes a lot of books! I've never read anything written by her before, but when this popped up as a Kindle free book I thought I would give it a go. It's a short story of a lady and her love of life and Christmas.

It maybe because I'm a bit stressed/emotional/fraught at the moment but I felt very warm and fuzzy inside once I had read it. This is very unlike me as usually stories like this make me want to hurl. Or it could just be that this is indeed a little gem.

Yes, it is girly, but it is sweet and thoughtful and full of Christmas and I SODDING LOVE CHRISTMAS!!. Defo not a Christmas story though, DO NOT READ THIS AT CHRISTMAS!!!!!!

If you want a warm and fuzzy quick read then this is one for you. It'll only take a short while and is indeed a lovely way to fill a 20 min wait!

Happy Reading

Book Geek

P.S. Sorry about the weird amazon pic...the only one I could download from tut internet for some reason!

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