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Thursday 4 February 2016

Review: The Goldfinch

Publisher: Little Brown
I picked this book up in Waterstone's ages ago as I had been told that for such a highly acclaimed book it's accessible and not too high flouting. These people were correct.
This is a story of one man from boyhood to manhood and how his life is moulded by one event and one event only that led him to one picture and one path.
To start with, I was enjoying this book but wasn't always desperate to pick it up, but, as I read more and more, and got to know the characters and the tale that changed and I couldn't put it down. DT finds a brilliant voice and character in Theo, she becomes him, embodies him and really is him. I forgot that a woman was writing this as a work of fiction. The whole book felt real, felt like a diary, felt like a confession, felt like it was written just for you and that was aweome.
I also have to say that this book actually made me laugh out loud, get really upset and gasp in shock on several occasions. This is a book to get invested in and to invest it!!!!
The last few pages do turn into what one would expect of a book of this calibre, but, I wasn't irritated by it, or annoyed, or let down. I had spent the previous 600 odd pages expecting it.
A fantastic read, a really accessible 'serious' book. Read it, enjoy it. Fall in love with all the characters that DT has to offer in all their weird and wonderful glory.
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