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Tuesday 3 January 2017

Review: The Girl on the Train

Publisher: Double Day
I am sure you are alllll going to tell me I'm way behind the times with this book, but tough, I've only just read it.
Mother Geek gave it to me after she had read it....she only read it as was going to see the film and even then didn't finish it in time....
Well, I am sure most of you know what the story is about but if you don't, Rachel is on a train when she sees something that impacts her and her slightly sad and troubled life.
To start I'm not sure how I feel about Rachel. I'm not sure if I love or hate her. I spent the whole book wanting her to sort her shit out but also wanting to smack her in the face as she can be annoying.
The other women in the book I'm very confused about too. Anna, I despised her to be honest, but then I did change my mind about her a tad when it came to the end. Megan, just needs to get a grip. I did again feel sorry for her because of all the shit in the her life and her depression, but she seemed a tad spoilt bitch too.
I enjoyed the flicking of voices/POVs between these three characters, BUT I don't think the tones/styles were as different as they should have been or had room for when it came to three very different women. I agree wholly with Mother Geek on that.
I also really enjoyed the slow, slow unveiling of the plot as a whole. I admit, I did see the end coming, but I liked the delicacy with witch it was handled and written. Very slowly, slowly catchy monkey!
I can see why this is a popular book and I did indeed enjoy it. So much so I recommended it to Boy Geek and he read it on holiday. He also enjoyed it!
Cheers and Happy New Year!
Book Geek

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