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Tuesday 24 January 2017

Review: The Lady Who Turned

Publisher: City Fiction
Sorry I can't find a cover for this on tut interweb...I'll try to remember to take a photo of the cover and add it to the post...but I can't promise anything.
This book came to me because Boy Geek knows a chap who is mates with the author and mentioned to said mate that I do anonymous book reviewing (Kept me really anonymous there didn't he). So this came to Boy Geek in the post to be passed on to me.
First, I'd like to say that I'm not 100pc convinced that the title of 'Romantic Thriller Writer' is totally apt. Firstly I don't see there actually being more romance/sex/love in this novel than any other and also, this title, would have put me off the book a bit if I was to select it from a shop and not have it presented to me.
Now on with the story.
The links between the plot and sub plots are good. I enjoyed them appearing and developing and trying to work out how they all fit together. A plot with many layers always satisfies me and this was indeed one of those.
I also thoroughly enjoyed the style of writing and the language. The tone in general and the narrative were right up my street and suited the story really well.
When it came to the characters, the photo fit kid was BRILLIANT. She was one of my favourite characters and a really great moment in the novel for you to realise that the world is not alllll horrible. In fact, now I think about it the kid in the book in general were portrayed well.
The only criticism of this novel is that there is a lack of time frame. I would have liked to have some indication of how things progressed and at what speed and maybe that would have added intensity and suspense.
But, overall, I enjoyed this book and would be keen to read more!


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