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Thursday 24 August 2017

Review: Something Beginning With

Publisher: Friday Project
I have never before read a book like this, where the narrative is told via alphabetical topics. It was mad but it was refreshing and really, truly in the style of what the Friday Project was about for me. Bringing new and different an refreshing books to the world.
I really liked Verity, she was like a younger and mini Bridget Jones. She was endearing and the style of her character really made one warm to her. Also she's very amusing, unintentionally sometimes but, still really amusing.
This thoroughly novel but good book seems to be a bit unnoticed (as far as I can tell) but should be one that you read. It's a bit of a womanly coming of age read so won't appeal to all the reading masses but if you want a different, amusing, heart warming read where you end up feeling like you've made a new friend then defos give this a go.

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