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Wednesday 30 August 2017

Review: The First Church on the Moon

Publisher: Big Hand Books
I know this will sound stupid, but I read this book by accident. I wanted a short story to read and my Kindle lied to me when I first looked at the details of this book. It told me it would take me 40mins to read it. So woo hooo short story. No it was a whole novel....but anyway.
I liked the style, it was very Monty Python. I liked the asides of humour and comments, I liked the weird statements of the bloody obvious, I liked the comments that left you wondering why the hell they were there at all and what exactly the hell was going on. Also, the plot and concept is really rather bonkers.
ALSO, how could I not be delighted by the fact that there was a cat called Bishmillah??
Anyway, the style, as I said above was awesome and I thoroughly enjoyed it. But, I fear I have missed the integral and crucial point of this book. I feel as if a comment regarding religion, and free will and even humanity in general was being made in this book and it's passed me by to an extent. Then again, I could be having one of my episodes where a book that's quirky and well written is leading me to believe that there is something more to be found when there isn't. Maybe someone can help me out here???
Anyway, good read, funny, amusing, bit thought provoking
BG :-)

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