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Friday 20 April 2018

Jeckyll and Hyde

So, when I read classics these days I don't tend to write about them, but I feel like writing a line or two on Jeckyll and Hyde!

Of course I've seen umpteen adaptations on TV, film, stage of this tale and therefore had a certain imagine and story in my head of the Jeckyll and Hyde narrative. MAN I WAS WRONG.

I imagine that it must have been a horrific, and terrifying and unimaginable sort of horror story when it was written. And it must have been gripping and a real page turner.

When I read it, I just really thoroughly enjoyed how unexpected the narrative and unveiling of the Jekyll and Hyde was created and constructed and presented. I also like the change in voices in the tale telling and the language with which the story is created. It really is far more accessible than I was expecting.

In essence, really enjoyed the story more than I expected


BG :-)

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