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Friday 6 April 2018

Review: The Devil You Know

Publisher: Titan Books
So, from the cover and the blurb this book was defos not what I was expecting, and for sure in a good way. I thought this would be your usual murder mystery, but in fact, what you got was the story of Evie as she struggles to sort out/come to terms with/fill in the gaps around the murder of her childhood friend.
Of course there is violence, standard thriller sequences and activities, intrigue and suspense, but it's not all driven around your standard and formulaic plot which usually accompanies murder/thriller/mystery books. It's more personal.
There is also a rather good sub-plot. Well I call it a sub-plot, Evie is still involved but it's ever so slightly off kilter/topic with the main plot and I do indeed like that.
Also, and very rarely do I say this, but there is an excellent wrap up/resolution/climax to the novel. It really is a conclusion to be satisfied with. And what thrilled me even more is that I believe this to be a stand alone novel! And if you are readers of this blog you will know how much I am missing them right now.
Good read, well written, takes you through a story you aren't expecting.

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