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Wednesday 13 June 2018

Two that need no introduction

I've been reading some books lately by authors who need no introduction and I'd just like to talk about two of them:

The Course of Love by Alain de Botton
Assassin's Fate by Robin Hobb

As these books surely need no review from me, I'm going to just gush a bit

The Course of Love
This was a wedding present from Boy Geek's colleague and I thoroughly loved it. I didn't really know what to expect and when I read the blurb I was rather perplexed as to why it was given to us a wedding present. But as I read it, I realised...it's very real, it's very honest and it's fantastic in it's composition. It tells you how love really is and should be viewed and it is totally attuned with how I see the world. It also I think show's how well Boy Geek's colleague knows not only him but me.

I can see this book as a Woody Allen style film with a narrator over the top of the action, and those who have read this book will get what I mean...

Do read this book, it's wonderful!

Assassin's Fate
So, I got my pre-ordered, signed copy in May last year. I finished just over 5 days ago. I have been reading it slowly, so very slowly it's taken me nearly 13 months to read. BUT I didn't want to rush it as I knew this would be the last book in which Fitz would be present. The last book in which the character I've been in love with since I was 15 would feature. The man has been in my life for nearly 17 years and I didn't want to lose him quickly.

Of the trilogy this book was the strongest, there was less Bee - she's annoyed me a bit in the previous two - and when she was around she was more grown up and more intelligent so that made me feel a lot better.

I don't want to say a lot about this book as I don't want to spoil it for people who are on the road that's Fitz's mad life. But what I will say is BRAVO, it was a wonderful ending. But Hobb, I won't forgive you for all the CRYING I did on about 5 occasions whilst reading this book....you broke my heart just as many times as well!

If you haven't read any Hobb books, start at the beginning, The Farseer Trilogy, do it!

So, two books by two authors that need no introduction....go for it if you haven't already


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