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Friday 29 June 2018

Review: The Last Librarian

Publisher: Laughing Rain

I know I've had a moan on here more than once about books in a series and how there are too many of them these days. But this time, THIS TIME, I think I may have found a series I would very much like to continue with.
We are in the future, the world has changed, not beyond recognition so that things are totally alien, but there is a new global power, we have super technology, and we're apparently getting rid of all the physical books - I'm sure you'll also all find it amusing, if you read this or have read it, that I read this on my Kindle.....
Anyway, we're with the world's last librarian and we're helping him and his friends save the books, the key books, the books that can change the new world we're introduced to when we commence reading and exploring this new space.
The characters are great, there are some complex ones, mad ones, loveable ones and completely hateful ones but they all have their place, time and position in the novel and not one feels unneeded.
The plot is great, there are as I'm sure you can imagine twists and turns, but they are very well concealed and if you do see one coming it's more often than not the opposite of what you are expecting.
I really do have everything crossed for book two.


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