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Monday 22 October 2018

Two VERY different autobiographies

Sooo, I am not a huge reader of biographies or autobiographies, but I've found myself reading two of late, two that I enjoyed thoroughly but are SO very different. And here they are

Trevor Noah is a recent addition to my life, Boy Geek discovered him a few years ago, and since then has been a fan. I bought Boy Geek TN's book for his birthday and he devoured it on holiday, so I followed suit.

It's an incredible book, it is funny, devastating, unbelievable, heart-breaking and inspirational all at the same time. It really is amazing that TN has become one of the 100 most influential people in America after all the shit he's put up with and the odds that were so very against him for such a long time. Also, I have to point out that TN's voice and personality are wonderful, I obviously don't know the man but it sounds like him and I don't think it has been too heavily edited or influenced.

But, despite this book being about TN and his life, it is also about his Mum. She seems like an amazing woman, an inspiration in her very own right. And considering all SHE has been though emotionally and physically it's amazing that she's still the strong woman she seems to be. And in one piece too.

This really is a wonderful book. It still makes me think, it had me in tears of joy, despair and laughter and even caused me to be very silent and speechless for a while....which NEVER happens.

THANK YOU MR N for this book.

The second book comes from northern delight Sarah Millican. She's not as new to me as TN but still pretty new. The bezzie has ALWAYS been a huge fan of SM and about 6 years ago I took the bezzie to see her for her birthday, live. And since that moment I've been a fan, the woman is hilarious.

The book indeed, tells us of SM's life, her experiences, her personal struggles and how she's overcome them with the support of her friends, family, cake, pets and comedy.

I found it easy to relate to many parts of this book, which made it strike a few chords with me and also made me feel like giving SM a massive hug for telling her story that's one so many people can relate to. Not so much the comedy, I'm not as funny as SM by any means, but the anxiety, the love of cake and the struggle with what people think about you and how they see you.

The other thing I'd like to say about this book is I love the words of wisdom at the end of each chapter. The advice that's given on how to be champion. It really is some very sound advice on many an occasion.


Well, have a read, something for everyone here for sure


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