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Tuesday 12 March 2019

Review: Star of the North

Publisher: Crown Publishing Group
Another book that had been in my possession for a while before I read it. And I sorry but it was the fact that it was hardback that delayed my reading.
It is however a fascinating fictionalisation of factual events....or as factual as things can be when talking about North Korea. It brought back a lot of memories of reading Escape From Camp 14 which I would also like to offer as a recommendation for people who like reading about North Korea as this is a memoir.....
Anyway, this is a story of a girl looking for her kidnapped sister and I was thoroughly impressed by how this book was constructed. The author obviously knows the story this is based on well but has obviously done their research.
It's a real page turner from start to finish. It's fast paced and disturbing and distressing in places, but the book needs that edge of emotion that brutality for the reader to really understand the horror of a lot of what is being discussed and talked bout.
The only criticism I have is the high drama that really isn't needed. Some of the action scenes seem really unrealistic and detract from the ending of the novel in particular. These were really not required considering how absorbing and alien the book was as a whole.

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