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Friday 1 March 2019

Review: The loosening skin

Publisher: Unsung Stories
I will start by saying sorry to AW, and the fact that I didn't really like her last book....SORRY. And I say sorry because I feel totally different about this one...
I wish I knew what to say to be honest. The book totally blew my mind.
I think and I know for readers of Unsung's books, I am not clever enough to totally get them and I am sorry about that. But this book I think is about how emotions, love, friendship and all the things that bring big, hard and deep emptions are skin deep, in some ways, but not all are.
I kinda think that this book is about how life and people change and how you can have the most amazing experiences with someone for years but life moves on and people change.
I think it's about the moment and living it, but also the book tells you to keep what you can and what you want but in a sane and healthy way.

I could be REALLY wrong, but that's what I took from this book and TBH it is one of the best things I've read in a long time.



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